About EdgeKey

EdgeKey was started by two high school friends and edgenuity power users.  We first started using the service over 5 years ago when it was known as e2020 instead.

We absolutely love edgenuity.  It is an elegant system for teaching things as fast as possible–the future of education.  We completed the courses multiple times, and I believe I personally hold the record for the quickest completion of several math sections.

After our first few completions we began to keep track of all the answers to the questions.  We wanted to see, purely out of curiosity, whether or not the answers changed every year.  We soon found out they very rarely did, only about 5% of the quiz, homework, and test answers shifted.

edgenuity answers

Me on the left and Adam right

Soon word got out at school that my friend and I had collected all the answers and everyone started asking us for help.  We gave them away as print outs in exchange for extra snacks at lunch.

Now we have decided to migrate our hard work online in an effort to help students across the US get edgenuity answers.  Our hope is that with e2020 answers you can quickly check your work and learn even faster!

Best Wishes-

Adam & Nick