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We currently have over 10,000 answers in our database and new answers are added every week.  You can view up-to-date answers for the Fall 2017 Semester here:


Answer keys are available in pairs for the following Edgenuity courses:

  • Algebra I & II Answers
  • Geometry & Pre-Calculus Answers
  • Biology & Chemistry Answers
  • As well as 20 other subjects in their own separate cheat sheets

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EdgeKey is created by you the community, and completely unaffiliated with Edgenuity the company.

If you use some answers from the free database please consider submitting some answers for new subjects.  This is one of the main ways we keep the database up to date.

At the moment we are in particular need of answer submissions for the following courses:

  • U.S. History II
  • Economics
  • Language Arts 12

Are the Answer Keys Cheating?

Our answers are the exact ones used on the Edgenuity tests and homework.  We do this so you know what to expect and learn the exact answers you need to ace the tests, pass your class, and excel towards a brighter future.

However, we provide the answers to help you study and prepare for the exam only.  We frown upon anyone using answers to cheat during the actual test, and highly discourage it.  Its important you use our answers as a starting point for studying.

More About EdgeKey

Like you, we are a group of three high school students who were frustrated by Edgenuity and sought a light method for how to cheat.  We struggled to find anything though, and thats where we got the idea to create this site.

In the beginning, before our answer submission was available, we had to collect all the answers ourselves.  We spent alot of time going through all the e2020 coursework online and recording every question, answer, and solution to then serve them up to you on this website.  It was no easy task and during the release of new content we still need to work overtime and even out source some of the question gathering to workers in south east asia.

Luckily as the site has become more popular we have been able to shift to a community based model of answer collection.

Available Edgenuity Subjects

E2020 Geometry and Algebra Answers

This is by far the biggest subject at Edgenuity with the most questions.  It is also more difficult to answer because you need to show your work in some cases.

The answers we provide show all work so you will actually learn quite alot while still having access to the exact solutions you need.  Just login to the practice or exam section of the website and keep our site open in another browser window.

We include every geometry sub topic, including trigonometry, converting between angles and degrees,  sin cos and tangent questions, and how to control vectors.

Typical algebra questions and answers have to do with things graphing, linear algebra, matrices, and pre-calculus  topics.

Edgenuity Biology and General Science Solutions

These are very straight forward and in most cases we provide a long list of multiple choice answers for each section of the test.  On the old e2020 site there were essay questions which were a bit more subjective and difficult to give answers to.  If everyone submitted the exact same essay things would start to be suspicious.

Edgenuity Health Answers

Both health, civics, and american government answers can be a bit tricky as well because there are short answer portions to the test.  The best way around this is to change the wording of the answers slightly before you enter them in.  This well help you learn as well.

The Future

We are really big fans of the edgenuity test system and think it does a great job preparing students from 6th to 8th grade and older for high school college and more.  Like the students who take the test we strive to keep moving forward as well and bring you the best and most up to date answers possible!

-Adam, Nick and the EdgeKey team